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Surgery Support Series

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Surgery Support Series

This series consists of 1 Acupuncture and 1 Healing Touch treatment pre-surgery, and 2 Acupuncture and 2 Healing Touch post surgery per physician’s approval.

Our goal with the Surgery Support Series is to facilitate and support the client both as they get ready for their surgical procedure and during their recovery with the use of Acupuncture to facilitate the optimal reduction in blood loss, assist with stress and pain management during the surgical procedure and pain and inflammation during the post op time period. Healing Touch treatments coupled with Guided Imagery for Successful Surgery are used to reduce stress and anxiety.

The spouse/partner/parent are also included in this Series whether they are the surgical patient or the caregiver.

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What To Expect

When you arrive for your appointment, your practitioner will do a brief medical history and discuss your wellness goals. They will provide materials for your recovery at home. Please know that you can also take advantage of our telehealth sessions after your surgery.

Your treatment session will include Guided Imagery and other tools. You may fall asleep while receiving care. This is common and your practitioner will awaken you when the session is over. They will review any recommendations for home care with you before you leave.

What’s included

Acupuncture Sessions to assist with pain management, facilitate reduction in blood loss, assist with emotional distress and anxiety

Healing Touch Sessions
 to promote relaxation, assist with pain, sleep and anxiety

Who is eligible for this treatment series

Service Members (all eras, all branches of service). Spouse/Partner and Parents of Service Members also eligible.

Home Care kit
consisting of Guided Imagery, blanket, wellness support tools, aromatherapy inhaler stick and other resource materials.

Surgery Support Series Inquiry

Fill out the form below or call us at 970-776-VETS (8387) for more information.

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