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Providing Care and Preventing Veteran Suicides in Colorado & Wyoming

Did you know that the State of Colorado has one of the highest veteran suicide rates in the nation? We are passionate about helping our service members and their families achieve physical and mental well-being.  Join us.

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Board of Directors

If you are passionate about our service members and their families, and want to make a difference with your leadership skills and passion, talk to us about joining our Board of Directors. In addition to governance, our Board assists with educating the community about the needs of our military families and the importance of the work we do. The Board plays a critical role with our most important fundraising events including our Golf Tournament and our annual Gala. To be considered for our Board of Directors, we ask that you serve on the Council of Advisors for 3 months.  Information on the Council of Advisors can be found here.  For more information and to be considered to join the Board, please send an email to requesting to be considered and your reason for choosing the Healing Warriors Program Board of Directors.  


Interested in providing Acupuncture, CranioSacral or Healing Touch therapy? Healing Warriors Program practitioners are independent contractors providing professional services in the Fort Collins, Colorado Springs and Denver metro areas.

Please note, our practitioners are paid 1099 contractors who designate a day from their private practice to work with our veterans.  If you are interested in supporting one of our Pop Up clinics, or would like to be considered for the next opening at the Fort Collins clinic, please email us at:

Stop by and visit our Fort Collins headquarters clinic or call us at 970-776-8387 for more information.

Practitioner Requirements

Acupuncturists must be licensed to work in the State of Colorado and are expected to follow Clean Needle protocols and observe OSHA guidelines. Healing Touch practitioners are expected to be Certified or be part of the Internship program as a level 4.  CranioSacral therapists must have Upledger training through a minimum of CST 2; other CST training will be accepted on a case by case basis.  All practitioners that provide services through Healing Warriors Program are expected to adhere to their scope of practice and to maintain Code of Conduct and Ethics in their work with Healing Warriors Program.

All practitioners are expected to always keep the best interest of the Veteran at the forefront of their work. All practitioners that work with Healing Warriors Program must carry practitioner liability insurance and add Healing Warriors Program as additional insured. Practitioners must follow confidentiality and privacy procedures as per the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPPA) privacy rule guidelines. Healing Warriors Program requires all staff to complete a HIPAA training that is provided by Healing Warriors Program to ensure confidentiality and privacy practices.  All staff are also required to complete an online suicide prevention training as well as onsite safety training.

All practitioners are expected to follow OSHA regulations for blood-borne pathogens and workplace Safety.

Practitioners are also expected to be in compliance with federal, state, and local laws and regulations pertaining to their practice, inclusive of maintaining certifications and licensing, official records, NPI registration as appropriate, and documents as required. All practitioners MUST pass a background check. Healing Warriors Program pays practitioner invoices monthly.



If you want an opportunity to truly MAKE A DIFFERENCE, meet GREAT people, work with our service members and their families, and learn fun new skills, connect with us about volunteer opportunities.  There are many ways you can volunteer, from assisting us with check in tables at our outreach events, stuffing envelopes,  helping us with event administration, or making followup calls, your help is valued and needed. For more information, contact us.

Other Job Openings

From time to time, we have additional openings which will be posted here.   Roles listed here require that you work with the Fort Collins Office management team.   Jobs listed in this section are Program and/or administrative in nature.  If there are no links listed here, it means that there are no openings at this time. You can also enquire by emailing us at: 


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