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Our War veterans are experiencing anger, grief, depression, pain. This FREE 6-session treatment series is designed to assist the physical expressions of emotional trauma.


Healing Warriors Program was founded because of a gap in care available to our Service Members, and the need to interrupt the factors that lead to Service Member suicides. 

What we do

Healing Warriors Program provides non-narcotic therapy to service members and their families for pain, PTSD and sleep.


OR CALL: (970) -776 -VETS (8387)

Treatment Programs

Why non-narcotic care?

At Healing Warriors Program, we provide clinical care with acupuncture, craniosacral therapy and Healing Touch therapy to alleviate pain, help restore sleep and achieve improvement in overall health and well-being. In addition to our services, we work closely with our fellow community partners to be part of the Service Member’s path to relief. Focusing healing by rekindling hope that pain can be alleviated, that trauma can heal, and that together we can find restoration of quality of life.

Soldier Salute

NEW! Multi-Modal Salute Series

Our War veterans are experiencing anger, grief, depression, pain. We recognize that recent events may have resulted in renewed Post Traumatic Stress for our war veterans, current and past. Intense emotional distress can cause severe adverse physical effects. This FREE 6-session treatment series is designed to assist the physical expressions of emotional trauma. Please let us help. 

Acupuncture-Detox Series

These treatments can clear the mind, increase energy and help gain a sense of well-being.

3-Session Immune Support Series

This 3-session Healing Touch and Guided Imagery series is intended to support and balance the body, providing calming, grounding and improved circulation.

Wellness and Preventive Care Program

Designed for 60+ veterans and their family members who wish to improve the quality of life.

Sleep Series

Sleep deprivation is one of the biggest challenges facing our Service Members Today.

PTS Series

This PTS series is modeled after the very effective Scripps-Camp Pandleton study with returning combat marines.

Interpersonal Trauma Series

Treat interpersonal trauma in this series which features individualized home care and guided imagery.

One-Time Donation

Help provide non-narcotic therapy to Veterans and their families.


Monthly Donation

Your generous donation will help Veterans and their families.


Tribute Donation

Donate in honor of a special Veteran's service and memory.


What Our Clients Have Said

“I was greatly satisfied with the care by all the staff. This method of treatment exceeded my expectations, allowing my mind and body to regain strength, greatly reducing my stress levels and enjoy life.”

“When I came in I presented with sleeping disorders, high levels of anger, stress, and anxiety, and a low appetite. After several sessions with Sue I noticed a significant difference in my overall balance and ability to focus and stay positive. I have responded very positively to healing touch as far as my emotional and mental state is concerned and I highly recommend it to all veterans.”

“They helped me process some of my PTSD through the guided imagery I just naturally did during the healing touch, then the acupuncture calmed balanced my PTSD emotions that are surfacing. Thank you so much. They listen and care.”

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