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Ways to Donate

When you donate to Healing Warriors Program, you’re helping us provide non-narcotic therapy treatments for our service members dealing with pain, post traumatic stress, and sleep issues.  Colorado has one of the highest veteran suicide rates in the nation.  With your support, we provided treatment for more than 1,500 Veterans and their families and delivered over 14,000 sessions, reaching many more veterans through dozens of outreach service events for both active duty and veteran service members.

Service members are in desperate need for care that works hand-in-hand with their medical care so they can reach their goals for their own health and well being. The service members that come in to the Healing Warriors Program clinic often come to us as a last resort for severe, chronic pain. If we can relieve pain and extend that relief for increasing periods of time, we begin to once again find hope that quality of life can be restored. Each day, our staff is inspired by the life changing work you make possible. Whether it’s at our Fort Collins and Greeley clinic offices, at our monthly free walk-in clinics along the Colorado front range, and for our hundreds of active duty troops, some serving on local bases, some leaving or returning from challenging deployments overseas. You are the reason we can bring in teams to provide much-needed care.


Passed by Congress on March 27th, 2020, the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act affects contribution limits in 2020

$300 Charitable giving deduction

Deduct up to $300 ($600 per couple) for charitable giving in 2020, in addition to the standard deduction.

Increase in Itemized Deductions

Deduct donations up to 100% of your 2020 adjusted gross income for cash gifts to charity.

Corporate Donations

Corporations may also deduct charitable gifts up to 25% of the corporation’s taxable income (increased from 10%) for the year of 2020.

For more information about how the CARES act changes deducting charitable contributions, visit the


This year, Coloradans will have a chance to donate from their state income tax refund to a local nonprofit they trust like Healing Warriors Program. Through the Refund What Matters program, taxpayers can choose to support any eligible Colorado-registered charity with a simple designation on their state income tax return. Previously, taxpayers could choose only from one of 18 causes approved by the Colorado Legislature.

Helping Healing Warriors Program is easy:

  1. Decide how much of your state income tax refund you'd like to donate (all or a portion of it)
  2. Enter Healing Warriors Program and include our registration number 20143029242 in the "Donate to a Colorado Nonprofit Fund" line on your state return. Alternatively, share our registration number with your tax preparer.

If you've donated before you may be familiar with the "Thank You Letter" and "Tax Letter" you receive. Because you are submitting the donation through your taxes, we won't be furnished with your information from Colorado State. Please accept our sincere thanks for supporting our Veterans and the services you are helping to provide. Keep a copy of your tax form for next year, because your ReFund donation is actually tax deductible next year.

For more information, please visit

One-Time Donation

Help provide non-narcotic therapy to Veterans and their families.


Monthly Donation

Your generous donation will help Veterans and their families.


Tribute Donation

Donate in honor of a special Veteran’s service and memory.


Sometimes we step outside our box a little bit to help our veteran families and our active duty service members.  This is why we sent out Care Boxes when we were on Covid lockdowns so that our veterans would know that they were not forgotten and that we care.  This is why we collect Toys for Tots, so that children who would otherwise not have much of a Christmas, would have a brand, new toy.  And this is why we send out packages for our deployed troops, so that they know that we are thinking about them here at home and keeping them in our thoughts and prayers.  

With the devastation caused by the fires in Northern Colorado, our Client Care Navigator has been working long hours to find resources for our veterans in need.  For those who have lost everything in the fires, there is a long road ahead.  

Healing Warriors Program is community.

For more information on how you can help our community, please contact Karen Orlosky, Clinic Director at 970-776-8387

We are currently in need of these items to include in our Care Boxes to our service members:

  • Instant oatmeal
  • Protein bars
  • Epsom salts
  • Hand Soap
  • Hand Moisturizer
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Electrolytes, i.e. Emergen-C

Did you know you can donate while you shop?

When you shop at these retailers, a portion of your purchase goes directly to Healing Warriors Program at no additional cost to you.


At no additional cost to you, support Healing Warriors Program every time you shop.


Log into your account at and go to "Community Awards"


Search "Healing Warriors Program"


Click the blue "Enroll" button


Every time you shop, Amazon will donate to Healing Warriors Program at no cost to you.


MOBILE: Download or update to the latest version of the Amazon Shopping app

Open the app and find “Settings” in the main menu. Tap on “AmazonSmile” and follow the on-screen instructions to turn on AmazonSmile on your phone.

Our staff and our volunteers work countless hours to ensure that our service members and their families receive care. 2018 was another year of tremendous growth. This was the year that we received the prestigious Newman’s Own Award recognizing us as 1 of 5 nation-wide non-profits to be recognized for innovation in Veteran Services. We were honored to receive the award at the Pentagon from General Joseph Dunford, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. This award has spotlighted our work and opened the door for broader conversations around Integrative Care for which we are an acknowledged subject matter expert.

Our relationship with local area medical professionals, and with the Veterans Administration, was reinforced by our mutual goal of offering non-narcotic options for main management. This resulted in a significant increase in the demand for services.

Veteran’s Administration and U.S. Census Bureau data suggests that there are more than 20,000 Veterans in our communities along the Colorado Front Range and Wyoming that experience chronic pain and Post-Traumatic Stress. Nationally, more than 20 Veterans take their own lives every day, while half of all Veterans who seek VA health services are living with chronic pain. We’ve shown it doesn’t have to be this way for Veterans in our community.

Together, we can break the chains of Post-Traumatic Stress and chronic pain so that every Veteran can thrive.