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Expanded Non-narcotic PTSD Series


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Expanded PTSD Treatment For Veterans

As a result of recent events, Veterans who served in Afghanistan may be experiencing a range of challenging emotions.   Veterans who served during other conflicts may also be feeling strong emotions as they may be reminded of their own deployment experiences. For example:

  • Feeling angry, frustrated, sad, helpless, depressed
  • Experiencing an increase in anxiety, depression, sleeplessness
  • Increased substance abuse

Approximately 15% of Vietnam war veterans have been diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress, and between 11 – 20 % of Post 9-11 service members. Numbers for  Gulf Wars/Afghanistan Combat Veterans range between 12% and 20%.  Our current cycle of repetitive deployments coupled with the Afghanistan withdrawal, will have a lasting impact on our veteran population. Even if the individual is not in direct combat, there are many incidences of PTSD due to related factors of service. Coupled with PTSD is the high incidence of Traumatic Brain Injury which further compromises the service member’s resiliency in these situations.

The Expanded PTSD series is modeled after the very effective Scripps –Camp Pendleton study with returning combat marines and is designed to assist with anger, sleeplessness, anxiety and ease pain.  This series consists of 9 clinic sessions, plus Guided Imagery and home care.

Please let us help. Call our clinic at (970) 776 – VETS or send us an email.

What To Expect

When you arrive for your appointment, your practitioner will do a brief medical history review. You will then lay on a therapy table, fully clothed. The treatment lasts approximately 45 minutes.

Your treatment session may include Guided Imagery. You may fall asleep while receiving care. This is common and your practitioner will awaken you when the session is over.

Who is eligible for the PTSD Series?

Service Members and their Spouses/Partners and Parents are eligible to receive care

What is the cost?

Market value for this series is $1,125. We are providing this 9-session clinic series at no cost. 

Additional series are available at the donor-supported rate of $289 for the 9-session treatment series.

What do I need to provide?

Healing Warriors Program needs proof of military service.  This can include your DD214, military ID, VA identification or CO license with veteran assignation.

How can I receive care?

Call the Healing Warriors Program clinic at (970) 776-8387 and ask to speak with the Clinic Director. 

Guided Imagery

Guided imagery, sometimes called “guided meditation,” “visualization,” “mental rehearsal,” or “guided self-hypnosis,” is a gentle but powerful technique that focuses the mind and imagination in proactive, positive ways that calm the body.

Studies show that mindful-based programs may provide viable and effective interventions targeting high stress levels, anxiety, sleep quality, and autonomic balance.  Healing Warriors Program uses Belleruth Naparstek’s AM, ACSW, Guided Imagery, which is currently used in over 80 VAMC’s and Veteran centers, at Walter Reed and Bethesda Naval Hospital and U.S. military bases, hospitals and installations around the world.

We have provided a link to the Guided Imagery for Relaxation and Wellness to help ease pain. Learn more about Guided Imagery Meditation

Expanded Post Traumatic Stress Series Inquiry

Fill out the form below or call us at 970-776-VETS (8387) for more information.

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