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Ana Pallés Yelen

Ana Pallés Yelen

Co-Founder and Executive Director, BA, MS, HTCP, CSP, CHTP

Ana is a visionary leader who guided leading-edge strategic management projects in the high tech corporate sector for 15 years. Ana’s experience with organization development and team leadership, produced thoughtful, innovative solutions to company obstacles. Ana believes in promoting wellness, balance and self-empowerment and has spent the past 18 years pursuing education in various mind-body disciplines. Seeking to support our veterans with chronic pain and PTSD symptoms, Ana co-Founded Healing Warriors Program and drives the role of Executive Director. Ana graduated with Honors from the University of Florida with a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science, and with Honors from Regis University with a Masters of Science in Management. Ana’s training includes multiple management and leadership certifications in addition to certification in various complementary care healing modalities. Ana is also the recipient of numerous leadership awards and is recognized amongst her colleagues for her leadership excellence and quality delivery.

Karen Orlosky

Karen Orlosky

Clinic Director

Karen Orlosky has had an extensive career in the health field. Karen’s early work was as an Anesthesiologist Assistant, a Licensed Massage Therapist since 2003 and a Certified CranioSacral Therapist. Karen has accepted the role of HIPAA Officer at Healing Warriors Program, and is diligent in ensuring training and processes are maintained to safeguard privacy. Karen is also trained in equine therapeutic practices and in addition to her work with Healing Warriors Program, Karen can often be found providing training and care at various equine therapy centers. Karen feels that her work with both humans and animals provides her with a unique and profound balance to her work.

Janet Hatfield

Janet Hatfield

Non-profit Development Manager

Janet Hatfield has navigated business development for both the non-profit and for-profit sectors for many years. Janet has over 20 years of successful advertising, marketing, and events management experience as well as various operational leadership roles in everything from healthcare, technology, publishing and construction trade associations.

Janet thrives on creativity and collaboration, cultivating partnerships and relationships while also identifying new opportunities for growth and financial success. Janet is looking forward to expanding her network of relationships and creating new partnerships through the Healing Warriors Program. She also hopes to develop some unique opportunities for volunteers along the way.

Janet comes from a long line of military family members and understands the unique challenges and opportunities available for Veterans and their families. She believes that through education and advocacy, we can help expand the Healing Warriors Program’s footprint across Colorado and Wyoming’s Veteran populations.

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