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Veteran Trauma Treatment: Improving the Way You Feel

Our War veterans are experiencing anger, grief, depression, pain. We recognize that recent events may have resulted in renewed Post Traumatic Stress for our war veterans, current and past. Intense emotional distress can cause severe adverse physical effects. This FREE 6-session treatment series utilizing acupuncture, craniosacral therapy, healing touch therapy and guided imagery,  is designed to assist the physical expressions of emotional trauma.

Please let us help. Call our clinic at (970) 776 – VETS or send us an email.

Elderly veteran saluting

Multi-Modal Treatment Series

Our structured multi-modal Salute treatment series is designed to alleviate pain, emotional distress, anxiety, grief and improve sleep and grounding. Optimally, this series is intended to deliver 2 treatments a week for 3 weeks, however, we understand that individual schedules may conflict and we will work with each person to determine the best sequencing for their availability. This is why we provide home care tools to assist with supportive care and extending relief between treatment sessions.

Play Away guided imagery tool


Extending relief between sessions

We provide a kit with various home care tools including a pre-loaded headset with Guided Imagery. Many of our clients report improved relief from mental distress, anxiety and improved sleep with the use of Guided Imagery. 

Senior woman answer questions of social worker


Providing needed resources

We assist with connecting our veterans with community resources for employment, housing and food.

Who is eligible for the Salute Series?

Service Members and their Spouses/Partners and Parents are eligible to receive care

What is the cost?

Market value for this series is $600.  We are providing this crisis program at no cost.

What do I need to provide?

Healing Warriors Program needs proof of military service.  This can include your DD214, military ID, VA identification or CO license with veteran assignation.

How can I receive care?

Call the Healing Warriors Program clinic at (970) 776-8387 and ask to speak with the Clinic Director. 

Salute Series Inquiry

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